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09 December 2004 @ 08:56 am
Job Hunting News
I was beginning to lose hope, but yesterday I was offerred the job. I was looking forward to starting at the beginning of the year, but they insist that I start on December 23rd, the last day of the year that the University is open. Maybe for payroll reasons. It doesn't matter to me, really. I'm just happy to have a new job (and a higher salary).

Credit Agency Night Terrors
I had a dream last night about an item on my credit report that I could not remove by any means. Scary, huh? I'm certain it came from my real-life experience this week in clearing up old debts that have appeared on my credit report. My telephone encounter with Verizon's collections department was particularly amusing. My debt was with the now-defunct Bell Atlantic Mobile, which became Verizon after a merger. Upon inquiry, the collections representative chuckled disturbingly and revealed that my debt was in the amount of $0.01. He apologized, still chuckling, and I offered to pay the outstanding amount, summoning heretofore unknown stores of self-restraint as the twin emotions of hillarity and outrage each threatened from the sidelines of my ego. It was funny.

Because It's Thursday
No new comics this week. Jess stayed late at work last night, so I spent much of the evening reading John C. Wright's 'The Golden Age,' which is, so far, an intriguing read. Lovers of the golden age of science fiction will adore it. I did manage to read the first Superman/Batman hardcover collection, which is a great summer blockbuster movie in comic book form. It's a little scarce on finer plot points, but still an enjoyable hour and a half spent.
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: The Velvet Underground - White Light, White Heat
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