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01 December 2004 @ 11:03 am
Napalm & Zucchini Bread  
House News
Apparently Jessica and I have been approved for a mortgage of at least $180,000, which is a little mindblowing. We both have spotless credit reports, but it's still just strange thinking about that much money (and that much debt).

Speaking of debt, I've been doing some creative shuffling of mine. I had a consumer loan for an outrageous rate that I stupidly accepted to help consolidate some things last year. I realized the other night that my credit cards have a lower interest rate, so I transferred everything over to my amazon.com 4.5% interest card. Heh. Now I'll get some free books in addition to not being ripped off in interest charges.

So we're napalming Falluja. It's not really being reported, but napalm has been being used since the beginning of the war, in cities. So much for precision strikes. Falluja basically doesn't exist as a city anymore. Nice going. I wonder why they want us to leave. I know people can and will justify all that we've done by balancing it with the Iraqi's newfound freedom, and I guess there's something to be said for that ends-justify-the-means persepctive. All I know is that if I lived in a country in which the two largest cities were looted and destroyed by my liberators, that most of the population had access to electricity for only a few hours per day (if at all) and that my friends and neighbors were being accidentally gunned down, I'd want us to get out, too.

Zucchini Bread
This morning I've had my last slice of zucchini bread. I'll be replacing it with delicious, healthy fruit. So long deliciousness. :(

The folks at the IACUC contacted my boss and my reference (Dr. Horn). Crossing fingers.

Gilmore Gilrls
So who saw GG last night? Paris and Doyle?? And what about the throwaway reference to Buffy... Sweet episode all around.
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